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Established in 1979, OSIM has become synonymous with luxurious massage chairs and cutting-edge well-being solutions across Asia. With a steadfast commitment to research and innovation, we strive to enhance global health and happiness through our comprehensive range of revolutionary products. Rooted in our dedication to Intellectual Property development, OSIM offers advanced designs and technologies, empowering customers worldwide to lead healthier lives.

At OSIM, we provide an integrated brand experience, serving as a central hub for well-being management. Our iconic globe logo, representing our founder Mr. Ron Sim's vision, epitomizes our customer-centric approach. Renowned for its innovation, OSIM has received numerous awards, including the prestigious red dot design award for groundbreaking products like the uDream chair. With a diverse wellness ecosystem spanning relaxation, health monitoring, gaming, and beauty, we prioritize customer satisfaction through initiatives like OSIM Cares and a global network of over 455 outlets. Committed to excellence, OSIM continues to redefine well-being, inspiring life through innovation and customer-centricity.