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For over a century, Vispring has been synonymous with luxury, crafting the finest handmade beds renowned for their comfort and quality. Inspired by British engineer James Marshall's revolutionary mattress design, which he handcrafted for his ailing wife in 1899, Vispring's legacy began with a revelation in comfort. Marshall's innovative use of coiled springs wrapped in muslin paved the way for the commercial production of supportive mattresses when, in 1901, entrepreneurs John Nolon and Frederick James brought the design to Britain.

Today, Vispring continues to uphold its heritage of over 100 years, offering unparalleled comfort and luxury in every mattress. From the cloud-like softness of the Original Collection's hand-tufted British wool mattresses to the Luxe Collection's use of premium materials like cashmere and vicuña wool sourced from remote regions worldwide, Vispring mattresses epitomize sophistication and elegance. Handcrafted by skilled artisans in Britain, each mattress reflects a commitment to traditional bed-making techniques, ensuring durability and personalized comfort tailored to individual preferences. With a dedication to sustainability and a legacy of innovation, Vispring guarantees a restful night's sleep for years to come, carrying forward the timeless tradition that began with James Marshall's revolutionary design.