3 Best Mattresses to Help with Back Pain

3 Best Mattresses to Help with Back Pain

Sleep is an essential capacity that allows your body and mind to re-energize. A healthy good night’s sleep is very important for your brain to function properly. Your sleep quality depends on various factors, and a good mattress is one of them.

Something that everyone has experienced is bad back pain when you wake up. While there can be reasons which cause back pain like working all day at your desk, bad postures, medical reasons, and much more, the biggest culprit might be your mattress. 

‘What?’ Yes, a bad mattress can cause back pain.

But how can I confirm if my mattress is the culprit?

Back pain can be caused by many different things so it is often hard to identify if your mattress has the problem. If your back pain becomes worse in the morning, it’s likely that your mattress isn’t providing enough support. 

You might also notice that you are tossing and turning all night. 

The spinal arrangement is truly vital to combat back pain. The solution for your upper or lower back pain can be as simple as changing your mattress. 

We've searched high and low to find mattresses that'll give you the best sleep and support for your back pain.

Here are some of the handpicked mattresses that you should try;

1 – Hotel Collection Tight Top Mattress by Englander

Upgrade your nightly rest with The Mattress Store’s best-seller and affordable Hotel Collection Tight Top Mattress by Englander. Crafted with individually wrapped pocket springs, this mattress offers personalized support tailored to your body's contours, ensuring a restful night's sleep with minimal motion transfer. Ideal for back sleepers, this mattress strikes the perfect balance between support and cushioning, promising mornings free from aches and pains.

With durability and longevity at the forefront, this mattress is built to last, promising countless nights of uninterrupted sleep for years to come.

2 – Morgan Tight Top Mattress by Southerland

Looking for the secret to a good night's sleep? Enter the Morgan Tight Top Mattress by Southerland. Designed with your comfort in mind, this mattress offers the perfect balance of firmness and support. With its High Density Firm Foam construction and deep quilted top design, it's tailored to provide relief for those struggling with back pain. 

And, with the added bonus of a Viroclean knitted fabric cover for hygiene, isn't it time you invested in your sleep? 

Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to the Morgan Tight Top Mattress – your ticket to quality sleep awaits.

3 –  Viscopedic Mattress by Englander

Ready to upgrade to a better mattress and ease your back pain for a restful night's sleep? Our Notting Viscopedic Hybrid Mattress by Englander combines the soothing comfort of Copper Infused memory gel with the healing properties of copper. Memory foam contours to your body, relieving pressure points and leaving you feeling refreshed each morning. It's no wonder why it's a popular choice for those seeking relief and relaxation.

People believe that a firmer mattress is better for their back. It isn’t always true. You need a mattress that is the right firmness rating for you. This will distribute your weight evenly and align the spine well.



No matter your mattress preference, The Mattress Store offers a diverse range of options tailored to your needs, including those seeking relief from back pain. Explore our variety of bedroom essentials and find the perfect fit for your sleep sanctuary.

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