uJolly 2 Upper Body Massager by OSIM



Suitable for people from all walks of life

Certain occupations or lifestyles are more prone to developing neck, shoulder and back aches.
Designed to suit everyone, the versatile and easy-to-use uJolly 2 can help to tackle any pains anytime you need.

31° angle adjustment for extended neck & shoulders coverage

With the adjustable V-Grip , the massage rollers can now better adhere to your body.
This allows the uJolly 2 to be personalized for your height and sitting positions, making it an ideal back massager for the whole family.

Targeted massage for your neck to back

The OSIM uJolly 2 features a unique adjustable V-Grip, specially designed to deliver a targeted neck massage and a comprehensive back massage.
It instantly soothes and relieves all neck, shoulder and back pain, while alleviating pain caused by prolonged seating and poor postures.

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