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With digital devices so integrated in our lives, the increased usage can put a strain on our eyes. OSIM uVision 3 combines vibration and soothing warmth to help relieve everyday digital eye strain for healthier eyes.

OSIM uVision 3 combats digital eye strain for optimal health. It has 4 massage programs and a combination of vibration and warmth to help relieve eye strains and fatigue.

See-through lens : Equipped with a seethroug lens, you can go on with your daily activities while relaxing your eyes

For tired eyes

Energize : Energizing vibration stimulates circulation around your eye area, effectively helps to relieve tension and revitalize your tired eyes.

For sore irritated eyes

Energize + Warmth : Effects of vibration massage are amplified with soothing warmth to relieve discomfort and rejuvenate your eyes.

For dry eyes

Relax + Warmth : Rest and relieve your dry eyes with a relaxing massage. The warmth softens the meibum (eyes’ natural oil barrier to prevent tear evaporation), to improve eye moisture levels.

For headaches

Warmth : Take a break and ease your headaches with soothing warmth that envelops your eye area, alleviating any tension and pain.

  • One-touch button: you can simply switch on and toggle between the different massage programs with just one button
  • Micro USB powered: enjoy uVision 3 with a peace of mind as you connect it wo a power bank, avoiding built-in battery hazards and saving cost on disposable batteries.
  • Light and portable: weighting just 2g, uVision3 is ultra-light, making it easy for you to bring it anywhere.
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