Deluxe Mattress Protector by Delis



Waterproof : Intelligent membranes, that rapidly refuse liquids and moisture, expulsing them outwards

Breathable : “Intelligent membranes, that allow the body to breathe through the FITTED SHEET, creating a healthy and comfortable environment, which enhances rest ”

Microcapsules : “Incorporation of new and revolutionary microcapsules, which regulate the different changes of temperature that take place during sleep ”

Thermal Regulation : Incorporation into our fabrics of technologies with innovative thermal regulation properties

DELUXE bottom sheets are highly technologically advanced bedclothes. State-of-the-art TENCEL® fiber fabric is adhered to PERLAM® membrane to yield an impermeability and breathability that is unthinkable in other similar products. Structured on a nanofibril base, it is specially designed to absorb large amounts of moisture. DELUXE is thermo-regulating and therefore reduces sweat and neutralizes moisture to provide a clean, warm environment in which to sleep.

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