Cotton Mattress Protector by Delis



Waterproof : Intelligent membranes, that rapidly refuse liquids and moisture, expulsing them outwards

Breathable : “Intelligent membranes, that allow the body to breathe through the FITTED SHEET, creating a healthy and comfortable environment, which enhances rest ”

Microcapsules : “Incorporation of new and revolutionary microcapsules, which regulate the different changes of temperature that take place during sleep ”

Cotton is one of the first fibers ever used for textile manufacture. This very special fiber has always been highly appreciated for its softness. In fact, in an ancient Hindu language cotton meant FINE FABRIC. DELIS Furthermore, cotton is extremely cool in summer, warm in winter, and always silent and comfortable.  PRODUCTS uses cotton to make the COTTON FITTED sheet precisely because of these special properties: its extreme fineness, the fact that it is pleasant and soft to the touch, and the enveloping feeling that it gives the whole body.

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