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Natures Finest Plush by Englander

Our Nature’s Finest Latex Mattress is the most innovative product in bedding. It’s totally cool and comfortable with Stylish Knitted Cover! You can sleep on it all night long without tossing and turning. Plus, we have an amazing 10-year warranty that covers any issues with your mattress.
It’s time to get rid of those sleepless nights once and for all by switching to our 100% organic mattress today! Your purchase is backed by a 10-year warranty so there’s no risk involved when trying out one of our products. Plus we ship straight to your door so you don’t have to worry about carrying it up flights of stairs or waiting around at home for hours on end. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that your new Organic Linen Fabric mattress was created using only the best ingredients available in nature today!
You deserve better than what your current mattress has been giving you lately – we know this because we hear it all the time from customers who come to us after years of restless nights on their old bedding system. With our 10 year warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee, there’s nothing stopping you from making the switch today!

What’s Inside The Mattress?

Latex sheet Latex is one of the most popular materials in mattresses because of the many benefits it offers. It’s highly durable, provides contouring support, and is ultra breathable. Latex is a natural material harvested from the sap of rubber trees & blended with synthetic material.
Latex Core 7 zones Nature Finest plush mattress is a combination of 7 zones latex core and latex sheets.
Linen Cotton Fabric Linen FabricLinen is the perfect material for bedding fabrics. Not only does it always feel fresh and crisp, it’s also breathable and luxurious looking. The ecofriendly linen fabrics in linen cotton family have a unique texture and lush look.
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