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We know how important sleep is to your health. That’s why we created the Bodiform Gel mattress, which uses NASA technology to create the most restful sleep on Earth. This memory foam conforms to your body and relieves pressure points so that you wake up feeling refreshed every morning. With our 10-year warranty you can be sure this will last for years of comfortable nights ahead!

Enjoy deep, restful sleep without having to spend thousands of dollars on an expensive bed frame or foundation. Now it doesn’t matter if you’re sleeping alone or sharing a bed with someone else – because our Gel Infused Memory Foam will contour perfectly around both bodies for total comfort all night long.

What’s Inside The Mattress?

• Gel infuse Memory Foam Cooling gel memory foam is a specially formulated memory foam that contains gel beads designed to help absorb heat and draw it away from the sleeper. Additionally, the cellular structure of the memory foam itself is optimized for increased airflow over traditional formulations.

• Cooling Fabric Cooling technology in mattress fabrics helps regulate body temperature for healthier sleep. Cooler mattress Fabric provides a sense of cool that helps the body stay cool. Cooler maximizes sleep quality by providing a relaxing sleep environment. Feel refreshed, and fall asleep quicker with the extra comfortable sleep environment provided by Cooler mattress Fabric.

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