Emma – Hilker – Recliner Chair (Leather)

AED 10,275

Brand Name : Hilker

A new level of luxury that that fills you with comfort and elegance. Designed for leisure and repose. It improves your lifestyle by using the unique feature, with wider back cushion  to fill all body type to provide you extraordinary lounging experience.

  • Color: Green, Blue & Gold
  • Length: 106CM
  • Width: 49CM
  • Depth: 88CM


5 Years Warranty

Our products are made to perfection, but if anything goes wrong we have got your back.

1 : Manual adjustable headrest,Electric adjustable backrest & leg support.

2 : 360 degree swivel option, battery operatable,USB Charger.

3 : Seat lifting function.

We bring you the finest German furniture that is a combination of contemporary design and high-quality work. With the Hilker Collection, turn your houses into ‘Homes’ and bring home a Cremona, comfort crafted for you.


Dimensions N/A
Color Range

Blue, Gold, Green