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Varier - Coming soon to our family

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Variable™ Plus

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Variable™ Plus
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Peel™ Club
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Find out more about Varier

Since 1979 our products have led the innovation within our field and inspired creativity in workspaces and homes across the world.

At Varier, we believe that we can live healthier and more sustainable lives by being in balance. Our versatile collection of chairs reflects our commitment to human-centred design as a driver for form. This approach is also manifested in our application of color, textures, materials and shapes.

Move when you sit.

The ergonomic dot is our unique way of visualizing ergonomics – by highlighting a part of the body in interaction with our chairs.

Varier Brand site Gallery02 01 640x960 1
Leaning forward, the base of Move™ tilts, allowing you to maintain an upright posture
Varier Brand site Gallery02 02 640x960 1
Explore different postures with Ekstrem™, and find support in surprising ways.
Varier Brand site Gallery02 03 640x960 1
Kick your feet up on the footrests of Gravity™.
Varier Brand site Gallery02 04 640x960 1
The kneeling posture ensures alignment from head to toe.
Varier Brand site Gallery02 05 640x960 1
Play around, vary positions and relax your shoulders.
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