Auping – Vivo (Plush)

AED 6,909AED 13,818

Brand Name : Auping Model : VivoSupport : SoftCore : Pocket SpringComfort Layer : Latex,Pocket SpringHeight : 24CM

The top-of-the-range Auping, full-option Vivo is the ultimate choice for anyone who sets the highest of standards.



10 Years Limited Warranty*

Our products are made to perfection, but if anything goes wrong we have got your back.

1 : The mattress has 5 zones DPPS® pocket springs support.

2 : Pura Latex Vita Talalay Origins.

3 : Breeze washable cover phase change material.

4 : The mattress can fit any bed base including adjustable beds

5 : Shoulder Zone & Hips Zone.

6 : Better ventilation & best temperature regulation.

The Vivo mattress has 5 zones, each of which supports a specific body part: head, shoulders, lower back, hips, and legs.

You may not be aware of it, but during the night, you turn over about 30 times. The DPPS® pocket springs at the heart of the mattress ensure you can turn over effortlessly and give you just the support you need in every sleeping position. All Auping mattresses are built up layer by layer, all in the right place. Each layer has its own specific effect, which ensures the best support, The materials in an Auping mattress are of such high quality that turning your mattress is not necessary. In fact, if you turn an Auping mattress, the supporting zones are no longer in the right position. Your shoulders and head need a completely different type of support than your legs, The Vivo mattress offers an advanced hip and shoulder zone so that the shoulder and hip can sink into the mattress and are optimally supported.
A pressure distributor ensures a smooth transition between the different zones, The pressure distributor boosts your comfort when lying down and guarantees the mattress is well ventilated. It ensures a smooth transition between the different zones and allows your shoulders to sink into the mattress more comfortably, so you experience less pressure.
It makes your sleep that much better, A comfort layer is a layer in the mattress that provides comfort. The Vivo mattress is equipped with the The Auping Vivo mattress is excellent for people who love comfort and believe that sustainability is important, The Breeze cover (most popular) contains Climawatt material for even better ventilation and an extra soft feeling. This cover does not contain any wool and it is washable in the washing machine at 60°C.
Ideal for people who suffer from wool or dust-mite allergies, The Vivo covers feature PCM (Phase Change Material), which helps to better regulate your body temperature. This allows your body to relax faster and the cover feels more comfortable.

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Single (80 x 200), California King (180 x 210), King (180 x 200), King XL (200 x 200), King XL (200 x 210), Queen (140 x 200), Queen (160 x 200), Single (100 x 200), Single (120 x 200), Single (90 x 200)


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