Auping – Inizio (Extra Firm)

AED 2,538AED 5,072

Brand Name : Auping Model : InizoSupport : Extra FirmCore : Pocket SpringComfort Layer : Latex,Pocket SpringHeight : 18CM

If you are looking for Auping quality at an affordable price, Inizio is the ideal option. Enjoy better, super comfortable sleep on a ventilated mattress with three zones that can be used on any bed base



10 Years Limited Warranty*

Our products are made to perfection, but if anything goes wrong we have got your back.

1 : Mattress has 3 zones DPPS® pocket springs support.

2 : Removable fabric.

3 : Mattress can fit any bed base including Adjustable Beds.

The Inizio mattress has 3 zones, each of which supports a specific body part: shoulders, hips, and legs. You may not be aware of it, but during the night, you turn over about 30 times. The DPPS® pocket springs at the heart of the mattress ensure you can turn over effortlessly and give you just the support you need in every sleeping position. All Auping mattresses are built up layer by layer, all in the right place. Each layer has its own specific effect, which ensures the best support. The materials in an Auping mattress are of such high quality that turning your mattress is not necessary. In fact, if you turn an Auping mattress, the supporting zones are no longer in the right position. Your shoulders and head need a completely different type of support than your legs.A comfort layer is a layer in the mattress that provides comfort, so you sleep comfortably.

The Inizio mattress is equipped with a latex comfort layer, which provides a pleasant combination of resilience and softness. This latex comfort layer is ideal for people who are not particularly hot or cold in bed at night.

Dimensions N/A

Single (80 x 200), California King (180 x 210), King (180 x 200), King XL (200 x 200), King XL (200 x 210), Queen (140 x 200), Queen (160 x 200), Single (100 x 200), Single (120 x 200), Single (90 x 200)


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