When shopping for the perfect mattresses there is one place to look for, The Mattress Store is it with a wide range of the best brands such as Englander, Tempur. Auping, Technoqel. HASTENS and Kluft.

A wide selection of all kind of mattresses from Memory Foam, to Gel, Latex and just Foam Mattress.

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You’re a back sleeper with your arms thrust up or behind your head. It’s a popular position for power nappers and deep dreamers.

Memory Foam Mattresses


If you sleep on your side with outstretched arms there’s a chance you’re yearning for a good night’s sleep. Guess what? Most of us are!

Memory Foam Mattresses


If you sleep on your stomach with arms flung out it’s likely your sleep pattern is deep and relaxed.

Memory Foam Mattresses


Do you toss and turn throughout the night? Chances are you’re an active, light sleeper who wakes easily.

Memory Foam Mattresses


Memory Foam Mattresses

Eastern king

Latex Mattresses


Memory Foam Mattresses

King XL

Memory Foam Mattresses


Memory Foam Mattresses


Memory Foam Mattresses was originally created in the 1960s by NASA. They used it to make better, more cushioned seats for test pilots. Over the years, it became clear that this invention could be used for many other purposes. Memory foam mattresses are made from high-density polyurethane foam and there are often three layers: a bottom support core layer, a transition layer, and a softer top layer. The way it works is that it softens from heat and pressure applied to it.

Memory foam mattresses can change your life by changing your sleep. If you are looking for a memory foam mattress Dubai/Abu Dhabi mattress store, we are here for you. We carry an amazing line of Englander memory foam mattresses. This line offers all the benefits of regular memory foam with the following added benefits:

  • They are infused with gel for cooling capabilities and support.
  • They reduce pressure points up to 80 per cent.
  • The edges are fitted with stabilizing foam, so you do not have to worry about rolling off.
  • The airflow features make them breathable.

When you are ready to purchase, be sure you choose the correct firmness level.

  • Side sleepers need softer memory foam.
  • Back sleepers should have medium-firm foam.
  • Stomach sleepers need a firmer bed.
  • Combo sleepers often find medium firm the better optio

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