Memory Foam Gel Mattress In A Box by Englander


Memory Foam Medium mattress in a box, the most hygienic mattress ever created. An easy solution to better sleep at a great price. Buy a Memory Foam Mattress in a Box today!

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Brand: Englander

Memory Foam Mattress in a Box is the most hygienic mattress ever created.  The supportive layers of our Englander special foam deliver a strong supportive foundation, while the Memory Foam contours and snuggles the mattress around your unique body shape, all while providing our lowest level of motion transfer from the person sleeping next to you.

Englander Memory Foam 
Memory foam moulds to the body in response to pressure, evenly distributing body
weight. This type of memory foam offers incomparable durability and longevity

Englander Core Foam
Firm high density foam serves as the core support of the mattress, but can also serve as
the preferred comfort layer, especially for heavier individuals.

The zip is placed halfway down the mattress, allowing for an easy removal and washing
of the top part of the mattress, giving you a fresh sleep night after night.

Purchase a Memory Foam Mattress in a Box today!

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