Osim – uJolly 2 Upper Body Massager

AED 2,100 AED 1,365

Looking For : Upper Body MassagerModel : uJolly 2Type : Massage Accessory

Full back massager with extended back & shoulders coverage.



Standard 1 Year Warranty

Our products are made to perfection, but if anything goes wrong we have got your back.

Neck & Shoulders V-Grip

1 : Closely adheres neck & shoulder contours to target pain points

2 : Adjustable angle further protrudes rollers for deeper and enhanced ache relief

3 : Realistic hand grip massage to loosen stiff neck and muscle knots

Lumbar Press

1 : Deep and relaxing massage to target lower back stiffness

2 : Glides and presses along the lumbar to relieve back pain

3 : Alleviates back soreness from prolonged sitting

  • Enhanced Dual-Action V-Grip massage The new and improved Dual-Action Press-Grip massage works even better as the rollers are bigger and rounder, sliding more smoothly along the contours of your body. The rollers protrude more and are capable of delivering a more realistic, intense massage effect that reaches deeper into your muscles for a comforting and enhanced massage experience.
  • Soothing warmth for the full back. The uJolly 2 features warm air that envelops your entire back to loosen tense muscles and stiff joints for a more enjoyable massage. The soothing warmth allows you to benefit from the full curative effects of the massage while warming your body for maximum comfort, as you enter a deeper state of relaxation.
  • Modern Design with intricately woven leatherrette paired with a smooth and streamlined silhouette, makes for a timeless design that sits well in every modern home.

Suitable for people from all walks of life

Certain occupations or lifestyles are more prone to developing neck, shoulder and back aches.
Designed to suit everyone, the versatile and easy-to-use uJolly 2 can help to tackle any pains anytime you need.

31° angle adjustment for extended neck & shoulders coverage

With the adjustable V-Grip , the massage rollers can now better adhere to your body.
This allows the uJolly 2 to be personalized for your height and sitting positions, making it an ideal back massager for the whole family.

Targeted massage for your neck to back

The OSIM uJolly 2 features a unique adjustable V-Grip, specially designed to deliver a targeted neck massage and a comprehensive back massage.
It instantly soothes and relieves all neck, shoulder and back pain, while alleviating pain caused by prolonged seating and poor postures.

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Color Range

Blue, Purple


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