HÄSTENS MARANGA® – Blue check – BJ Topper (Firm)

AED 29,000AED 70,300

The epitome of cloud-like comfort.



25 Years Warranty : Our products are made to perfection, but if anything goes wrong we have got your back.

Horsetail Hair : The foundation for Hästens beds, Horsehair also comes with its own extremely effective, built-in ventilation system. Each strand of horsehair acts like a miniature airway: a hollow tube with a microscopic capillary action that channels away moisture and lets fresh air in. It is so effective that if you soak horsehair with water and give it a shake, it dries almost immediately. The millions of comfortable natural micro-springs in Hästens beds transport any excess heat and moisture from your body during deep sleep. As a result you’ll fall asleep quicker and enjoy deep, uninterrupted, rejuvenating sleep at the perfect temperature, anti allergy, antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-mite properties that contribute to a healthy, hygienic sleeping environment.

Cotton : Letting the whole body breath easily, Hästens soft cotton allows air to circulate around your body, keeping you dry and comfortable in a healthy sleeping environment. These benefits will help you fall asleep more quickly and stay in deep sleep for longer. Human beings breathe not only through our lungs, but also through our skin. We each have more than 7 million pores that breathe and remove toxins from our bodies. To stay dry and comfortable, it is important to sleep in a bed that breathes and allows air to circulate around your body.

Wool : Wool is warm when you're cold and cool when you're roasting, pure wool helps to ensure a good bed climate and works a bit like your bed’s own climate control unit. Also flame-resistant, antistatic, strong, elastic, water-resistant and heat-insulating.

Flax : very humble material with numerous health benefits to help you sleep peacefully it diverts static electricity. According to studies, static electricity can cause headaches, dry mucus membranes and itchy skin, An overcharged human body can also attract undesired particles from its surroundings, which may cause or aggravate allergies. By using flax in carefully calculated layers in our beds, we remove static electricity from your body and help you create an altogether more positive energy while you sleep. Furthermore, flax is a fantastic noise and vibration absorber, contributing to a night’s sleep that allows your body to regenerate in peace and comfort.

Pine wood : The slow-grown Swedish pine in a Hästens is, in a word, solid. It gives the strength and stability of Hästens, a bearer of quality and reassurance.

BJ TOP MATTRESS : Filled with cotton, wool, horsetail hair and a thick cotton core that’s soft and supple. Height: 5 cm.

Cooperating Spring Systems : soft and flexible springs to provide surface softness, and firmer springs below for deep support. Pocket springs: an individual spring system which makes the beds pressure relief and support, work independently of each other in a unique way. When weight is placed on a single spring, the adjacent springs are barely affected. Each spring moves individually according to every slight movement of your body, which means that when your partner turns over in bed you will barely notice it. Bonnell springs: The lower spiral system serves to absorb more intense stress levels to the bed and contributes to spring depth and bottom spring action, giving your body support and in-depth relief.

When you lie in Hästens Maranga, the sensation is one of weightlessness. This bed is the very definition of responsive pliability. As you sink into it, your body is received with a gentle hug. As you get up, the bed follows your movement then immediately returns to its original firm, smooth state. Nature’s finest materials come together in Hästens Maranga: horsetail hair, wool, cotton and flax. They are joined by hand with the layer-upon-layer technique we devised – and perfected – ourselves. Side-stitching completes the work. That alone takes two hours. Following our iconic fabric pattern to the letter – or more accurately, the box – each stitch is placed in precisely the right place. Maranga comes from the Maori word for “wake up”. A clear indication of the effect of just one night in this masterpiece. weight and craftmanship in such unshakeable silence you may well forget you are even in it.

27 layers of materials.

Top Mattress:

  • 2 layers of bolster fabric of outstandingly durable virgin cotton.
  • 2 layers of cotton and wool.
  • 2 layers of hand-teased horsetail hair.
  • 1 layer of cotton and wool.


Middle Mattress:

  • 2 layers of bolster fabric from exceptionally durable virgin cotton.
  • 2 layers of hand-teased J horsetail hair.
  • 8 layers of cotton and wool.
  • 1 pocket spring system, 13 cm high, with springs that act individually and never hook into each other.
  • 4 reinforced corner springs (covered in soft flax), to ensure both comfort and stability when you sit on the edge.
  • Reinforced edge springs along all sides, to prevent you from rolling out of the bed and to make it easier to get up.
  • Meticulously placed side-stitching, which increases both stability and pliability.
  • 4 robust handles on the long sides to make it easy to turn the mattress.



  • 1 layer of bolster fabric of outstandingly durable virgin cotton.
  • 1 layer of cotton and wool.
  • 1 Bonnell spring system, 8 cm high, with machine-knotted coil springs.
  • 1 layer of flax that provides sound insulation and conducts static electricity away.
  • 1 frame in solid, slow-growing Swedish pine with finger joints, 9.2 cm high.
  • 1 layer of cotton lining that protects the bed from below.
  • Minimum 4 sturdy legs, recessed to prevent you from stubbing your toes.

King XL (210 x 210CM), Single (105 x 200CM), California King (180 x 210CM), King (180 x 200CM), King XL (200 x 200CM), Queen (140 x 200CM), Queen (160 x 200CM), Single (120 x 200CM), Single (90 x 200CM)