To lie on a Hästens 2000T is to rest on all of Hästens’ heritage. Each lesson learned in our 167-year quest for ideal sleep has been built into this bed. Every profound insight into the human body, our unique knowledge of natural materials, and five generations of craftmanship. It all culminates in Hästens 2000T. Quality and comfort this exclusive is hard to challenge. Yet every year, we test ourselves by refining our methods even further. Take now, for example. Today we partition the horsetail hair into thinner yet more plentiful layers, with even thinner layers of cotton and wool in between. Hand-ruffling the fibers together is an art, requiring patience and dexterity in equal amounts. Naturally, this extra effort is well worth it. The dreamily airy, pliable result is, in our eyes, a masterpiece of comfort.

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