KLUFT Palais Mattress with Box Spring Base And Topper

AED 63,900AED 73,440

The world’s most luxurious materials woven with unparalleled craftsmanship.

The Kluft Beyond Luxury™ Collection’s Palais Royale combines superior craftsmanship with layers of the finest, most luxurious, natural materials to ensure a premium sleep experience. Combining the best handmade techniques with advanced materials and designs creates a perfect marriage of old-world artisanship and new world technique.

Beyond Luxury™ – Luxury Sleep for a Luxury Lifestyle.




Patented outer-tufted design. Hand side stitched. 

Fabric / Quilt

Meticulously woven into the crest motif tissue pick fabric are real silk fibers. AMatramatic process is used for quilting. Luxuriate in layers of high loft naturalJoma® wool blended with cashmere and mohair, a layer of breathable silk, an additional high loft layer of all-natural Joma® wool with ultra-soft light-weight alpaca, high loft fire retardant fiber, zoned plush-firm-plush Talalay latex and conforming cotton tricot.

Comfort layers

Natural plush Talalay latex with a supportive crown pad containing silk and wool. Layers of natural medium Talalay latex, a high loft layer of naturalJoma® wool, plush conformingEmbrace® Talalay latex, ultra-soft, lightweight alpaca, naturally processed breathable Moosburger horse tail, natural plush Talalay latex and conforming cotton tricot.

Support System

Support System:2,050 Calico English unit nested individually wrapped spring design coil counts: Queen 1,681 | King 2,050Base Foam:1 1/2” Reflex™ 70ILD foam edge system: Hand-stitched border backed with layers of breathable wool, supported withBounce™ foam perimeter.

Box Spring Base

Fully Upholstered Top and Bottom.Outer- tufted, pocketed spring construction.

Coil Counts: Queen 736 | King 8329 1/2” High Profile, 5 1/2“ Low Profil

Beyond Luxury™ topper

Our Beyond Luxury™ topper is designed to maximizeyour sleep experience. The topper is finished with ameticulously woven tissue pick fabric, reversing to asoft supple knit. Zoned plush-firm-plush Talalay latexencased with Joma® and cashmere wool treats youto the optimal sleep you deserve. The topper easilyattaches to the mattress with tabs.

Calico coils

Nested calico coils made from the highest grade of steel and encased in calico cotton. Both ele-ments combine a time honored tradition and the finest materials that create the ultimate in com-fort, postural support and durability.

Moosburger® horse tail

Moosburger® horse tail is hypoallergenic and100% natural. It is solely processed by hand and washed in hot water without any chemicals. The horse tail is cured for three months to improve its moisture repelling properties. The elasticity of Moosburger® horse tail brings a loftiness and allows for constant air circulation even under immense pressure. Moosburger® horse tail is durable enough to last up to a century, making it the superior choice in ultra-luxury bedding.


King (180 x 200CM), King XL (200 x 200CM)