Osim – uMist Dream Humidifier

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Hydrating ultrasound humidifier for a restful sleep



  • Adjustable to individual leg size and your preferred intensity, the customized width feature creates a unique experience tailored specially for every user. Personalize the massage the way you like it by combining the 'Glide and Knead' manual massage program with the 'Vibration' and 'Warmth Therapy' massage options.
  • The fabric covering the uPhoria Warm can be removed and washed easily for better hygiene. Simply unzip and detach the fabric when needed.
  • Enjoy a quality massage at various angles by adjusting the lock-lever easily and conveniently.

Featuring Ultrasonic technology, the OSIM uMist Dream humidifier creates the ideal humidity level in the air to provide a hydrated, comfortable and healthier indoor environment for a good night’s sleep.

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  1. The mattress Store

    Amazing Product

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