DELIS Deluxe Pillow Protector

AED 60

Brand : DELISModel : DELIS Deluxe Pillow Protector

PILLOW PROTECTOR, waterproof, and breathable It provides comfort while you sleep. Made in Spain.



Waterproof : Intelligent membranes, that rapidly refuse liquids and moisture, expulsing them outwards

Breathable : "Intelligent membranes, that allow the body to breathe through the FITTED SHEET, creating a healthy and comfortable environment, which enhances rest "

Microcapsules : "Incorporation of new and revolutionary microcapsules, which regulate the different changes of temperature that take place during sleep "

Thermal Regulation : Incorporation into our fabrics of technologies with innovative thermal regulation properties

DELIS PRODUCTS has created a new generation of bed products under the name of INTELLIGENT SHEETS, in which you can find the pioneering, successful, and well-known DELUXE range. Technologically highly advanced, this product evolves further in the field of waterproofing and breathability control. Based on the last generation of TENCEL fabric, it gets amazing results for its softness and special touch. This pillow protector, built on a nanofiber base, is specially designed to absorb large amounts of moisture. TENCEL is a natural fiber coming from wood cellulose. DELUXE is thermoregulating, thereby reducing perspiration and neutralizing moisture, favoring a warm and clean environment to sleep. This pillow protector is silent and very soft.

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